Hold regular water rationing exercises

While the El Nino weather phenomenon has come to an end, our neighbouring countries are still experiencing dry spells.

Singapore may have avoided suffering the effects of dry spells in the past few years, thanks to Newater, but we have to let our people know that water is still scarce.

When I was younger, I used to experience water rationing exercises.

The younger generation and new citizens should experience this too.

I suggest that water rationing exercises be brought back yearly, perhaps during the June school holidays.

This is the period when the weather is at its hottest and driest.

Hopefully, the "hardship" of not having easy access to water will lead everyone to understand that water is hard to come by and that they should conserve it.

We should conduct water rationing exercises yearly so that the idea that water is precious is instilled in each individual.

While we thank our Government for its effort in providing us with clean drinking water even during dry seasons, for long-term benefits, letting our younger generation know the importance of saving water should be our utmost priority.

Elliot Taylor Hong