Healthy messaging should begin at home

A posed photo of a woman measuring her waist.
A posed photo of a woman measuring her waist.PHOTO: ST FILE

The media and its obsession with physical beauty by featuring skinny models has influenced women in wanting to strive for physical perfection in the form of being thin (HSA issues alert on 'weight loss' products after woman suffers severe heart failure, June 3).

This "thin is beautiful" attitude is changing for the better. More normal and healthy looking models in all shapes and sizes are being featured, but this change in mindset should really begin at home.

At a recent event, I overheard an oldish women telling an 11-year old girl that she was a little chunky and needed to slim down.

Such advice is hardly friendly. Neither is it harmless. Young girls of this age are impressionable and sensitive.

Comments like this could cause low self-esteem and are root causes for girls starving themselves, going on crash diets or resorting to weight loss pills to conform to the societal expectations of being "slim".

We should raise our children in an environment which promotes eating a balanced and nutritious diet while exercising regularly.

The goal is achieving optimum health that makes them feel good, rather than striving to be thin to conform to superficial conventions of beauty.

Tammy Sook Yean Ray