Have separate paths for pedestrians, motorised bicycles

For a stream of traffic to flow freely in one direction, all the movers must travel at similar speeds.

With this primary consideration in mind, pedestrians and motorised scooters and bicycles should not share the same path.

Constant overtaking causes disruption and danger to the pedestrians.

The ideal solution will be to have separate paths.

Failing that, the paths should be wide enough for overtaking to take place, with clear markings on the path to separate slow pedestrians on the left and faster traffic on the right lane.

The onus has to be on the motorised and faster vehicles to give way to the slow-moving and vulnerable pedestrians.

I look forward to the day when there will be such safe pathways throughout Singapore, encouraging a mode of travel that will make the country an even cleaner and greener city.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)