Have a clear definition of 'disability'

A clear definition of the word "disability" is crucial in determining the number of people with disabilities (Census to help target disability services; April 24).

Some older people may not want to be labelled as disabled because they can go about their lives despite having walking difficulties or using hearing aids.

Then, there are others who walk with a slight limp and may consider themselves disabled.

That said, it is heartening to learn that the government agencies are collecting disability data, which will facilitate their plans for better health and social services and programmes for those with disabilities.

When planning for a diversity of disability services, it is important to include people with a variety of disabilities, such as the wheelchair-users, the blind, those with hearing impairments and those with learning difficulties.

Feedback from these groups will help to give all stakeholders an accurate picture of their needs.

It is only right that they have a say in whatever affects them, and they desire to offer all the help they can.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng