Halimah a sterling role model

My heartiest congratulations to Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob for being conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws by the National University of Singapore for serving the community and country with distinction ("Halimah receives honorary Doctor of Laws from NUS"; July 8).

Madam Halimah is yet another sterling role model who has shown us that despite coming from a less-privileged background, one can still achieve success and excellence if one is prepared to work hard.

Madam Halimah's words upon her conferment also reflect her admirable values and why she is a good leader in the community. She said: "Let's have the humility to accept that not everything that has happened to us was because of how smart or how good we are, but because we had a lot of help."

We should take heed of her words and remember the times we ourselves have overcome difficulties in our lives because someone was there to offer help.

Remembering this not only makes us humble, but should also spur us to help others when the opportunity arises.

This is how, as a society, we can become more caring and unified. This would help dislodge the word "I", and instead make paramount the word "we".

M. Lukshumayeh