Good to open more doors to Muslim travellers

I applaud the efforts of Taiwan in inviting Muslims to its beautiful island ("Taiwan turns up charm to woo Muslim travellers"; July 25).

In the last two decades or so, Muslims have become more educated and affluent, and have ventured out of their own countries to visit other places to learn about other people and their cultures.

This is in line with the encouragement given in the Quran to travel and seek knowledge from other countries.

People open their eyes when they travel. They learn from what they observe of the environment and through interaction with the locals.

Travelling also offers the opportunity to make contacts for business, social ventures, sporting meets and education.

The annual haj pilgrimage is one source of informal learning, as Muslims of various races and cultures travel to and assemble in Mecca.

The world offers many special features and attractions.

It would be good for more non-Muslim nations to invite Muslims to their countries and cater to the expansion in Islamic tourism.

Shaik Kadir