Giving a voucher as gift? Mind the expiry date

Recently, my elderly mother came upon some shopping vouchers that had been given to her as a present. The vouchers had, unfortunately, expired. They were from a major chain of malls and the expiry date was stated.

As we had paid for these vouchers with cash, we approached the organisation in question for an extension of the expiry date.

We understood that legally, the company was not obliged to give an extension, but we had hoped it would perhaps do so out of goodwill.

It, however, would not allow an extension of the expiry date.

As for the refund we requested, we were offered $20 for our $130 worth of vouchers.

A quick online check showed that the problem of expired vouchers is not an uncommon one.

We learnt a lesson from this episode: Either buy vouchers without expiry dates, or give cash in a hongbao as gifts.

Patricia Phua (Ms)