Get tough on uninsured foreign drivers on Singapore roads

Three years ago, my car was hit by a Malaysia-registered lorry along the East Coast Parkway towards Changi Airport.

Luckily, the whole accident was captured by my in-car video recorder. I made a police report and, after investigating, the Traffic Police took action against the lorry driver for inconsiderate driving.

I made an insurance claim against the Malaysian driver and have waited three long years for closure.

My workshop recently revealed to me that the lawyer acting for the insurer of the driver in Malaysia denied liability for my claim because the driver involved was above the age of 65.

I was told that Malaysia's prevailing measures cover only drivers between the ages of 21 and 65.

Isn't this tantamount to driving without valid insurance coverage?

If one is at fault, one has to be responsible for the consequences.

Malaysia has severe penalties for criminal violations. I hope it will do the same for uninsured drivers who cause accidents.

The Singapore authorities must also take firm measures to prohibit Malaysian drivers above 65 years of age from driving in Singapore.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong