Get tough on back-seat passengers who don't belt up

Several recent fatal accidents involved rear-seat passengers who did not appear to have been wearing seat belts.

The habit of rear-seat passengers not to wear seat belts seems to be quite widespread.

Almost none of my peers would wear the seat belt when they are sitting in the back seat of a car.

While on a road trip with a group of friends last year, one of them mocked and teased me for putting on my seat belt while sitting at the back. He asked if I had no faith in the driver's skills.

It was troubling to see such disapproval for a good practice.

Many people are unaware that the impact of an accident could cause passengers in the rear seat to be flung into or through the front windscreen resulting in severe head injuries or death.

There has not been much education on the need for rear-seat passengers to belt up.

It is time this is changed.

Law enforcement on this appears to have been half-hearted.

Taxis should have reminders for those in the back to put on their seat belt. Drivers should also ensure that those in the back wear their seat belts.

Shermaine Lau (Ms)