Get Sundram to work with schools, spot future talents

I am dismayed that Lions coach V. Sundram Moorthy, who parted ways with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) by mutual consent following a string of poor results, is currently out of job (Sundram steps down as national football coach; April 10).

Sundram did his best as a coach, but most of the players at his disposal were just not up to the mark.

Many of Singapore's senior players are simply not good enough. Some even lack basic soccer skills and knowledge.

Any coach, let alone Sundram, will struggle to produce positive results if his players are not up to the mark. The players, too, need to be disciplined, work hard on their own and take pride in playing for the country.

During his days as a national player, Sundram also did his own training and worked very hard on his skills, shooting and fitness.

That is why he was an outstanding player with extraordinary skills.

Perhaps the FAS could assign Sundram to work closely with schools, both at primary and secondary levels.


With his expertise and vast knowledge of the game, Sundram will be able to spot promising talents and produce future stars.

He will also be able to guide the youngsters on the basics of the game and help them develop their skills.

I am confident that Sundram will be able to groom and produce the football stars of tomorrow.

A. Thiyaga Raju