Full refunds in order when sales cannot be honoured

Singapore Airlines recently informed my wife and me that the premium economy seats we booked for our round trip to Los Angeles, departing on Jan 9 next year and returning on Feb 14, which was earlier confirmed, is now not available due to installation delays ("SIA premium economy class: Delay in some sectors"; Sept 4).

For the two premium economy seats, we paid $7,535.40.

When we contacted Singapore Airlines, the staff offered to book economy class seats for us instead, and offered us a refund of $250 each, plus upgrade vouchers. Economy class seats to Los Angeles, for the same dates we booked, can be purchased today at $4,047.40 for two.

Why is Singapore Airlines not refunding us the actual fare difference of $3,488?

My two daughters and their families also booked premium economy seats, in the US, from Los Angeles to Singapore, for travel in December this year, and were also offered the same refund of $250, plus upgrade voucher.

I hope Singapore Airlines will take responsibility for its own mistakes and treat its loyal customers fairly.

Yeoh Oon Siew