Free parking on Sundays: HDB replies

We thank Mr Loh Tat Shiong for his feedback ("Why charge for Sunday parking at underused HDB carpark?"; Forum Online, Feb 23).

HDB carparks are provided primarily to serve the parking needs of residents.

The Free Parking Scheme (FPS) on Sundays and public holidays is implemented only when it has been ascertained that there are sufficient parking spaces to meet the parking needs of residents.

For newly completed precincts where residents are still moving in progressively, we need to first monitor residents' demand for parking.

Once it has stabilised and we have established that there are sufficient spaces for residents, we will consider extending the FPS to these carparks.

In the case of the carpark in Fernvale Link mentioned by Mr Loh, parking demand has been quite stable in recent months. Hence, we will look into implementing FPS at the carpark.

Eng Soh Seng

Director (Car Parks)

Housing and Development Board