Forum: Re-recording of National Anthem by Singapore Symphony Orchestra is official version

Veteran singer-songwriter Ramli Sarip (centre in red) sings in the new music video to mark Majulah Singapura's 60th anniversary. PHOTO: SIDEXSIDE PICTURES

We thank Mr Sean Lim Wei Xin for his letter (Does Facebook post making false claim about National Anthem fall under Pofma?, Dec 7), and also thank Singaporeans for their passion for the National Anthem.

The National Anthem represents what we stand for and unites us as a people from different backgrounds and all walks of life. It has endured and continues to endure across generations. The official re-recording by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra this year retains Mr Zubir Said's original lyrics and melody.

The music video project featuring Mr Ramli Sarip is a ground-up rendition of the National Anthem. It is not the official version.

We have issued clarifications to address any doubts on which is the official version. Members of the public can check for details. We encourage Singaporeans to reflect on how our national symbols have brought us together as a people and helped define our nation.

Letchumanan Narayanan
Senior Director, Resilience and Engagement Division
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

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