Focus on providing alternative education pathways

The report on Oct 22 ("Shake-up to raise quality of private education") suggested that graduates of private education institutions (PEIs) have greater difficulty in finding employment and command a lower starting salary.

Their degrees are considered inferior, even though they follow the same curriculum as their cohort in the partner university overseas.

They also have to fork out higher fees, as their courses are not subsidised.

This gives rise to the question if they have made a good investment.

It is not all bad.

Students turn to PEIs because these institutions offer an alternative pathway to achieving what they want in their chosen careers.

Many administrative assistants and private secretaries move on to professional and management positions by taking certificate and diploma courses at PEIs.

We should change our mindsets and focus on the seeking of alternative pathways rather than on the return on investment.

Christopher Yeow Shih Shin