Focus more on improving S-League

I AGREE with Mr Advin Kwok C. H. ("Local teams must look beyond Asean"; Monday) that our local teams should not participate in the M-League as this diverts resources from the S-League and competes with it for fan attention.

It has also shifted local players' priorities from winning glory in the region to winning glory in Malaysia.

We should focus on the S-League as it is how we are to build up a wide base of local players and coaches to be selected for national duty.

I disagree with the suggestion to drop the Courts Young Lions Under-23 Team from the S-League.

Barring them from playing in the S-League would shrink their chances of polishing their technical skills in preparation for regional competition.

What is needed is the resolve of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to improve the popularity and strength of the S-League and the Young Lions.

Give the cubs a good coach and support to enable them to fight for top placing in the S-League.

Make S-League clubs more responsible for their own popularity and support, perhaps by setting a goal of, say, an average of 3,000 spectators per game.

Financially support our league clubs when they play in Asian Football Confederation tournaments, as a good result in regional club competition will improve the popularity of the S-League.

The FAS has performed poorly in making the S-League a local success. However, with vision, it can grow a sports industry which will provide employment for many footballers.

Liew Eng Leng

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