'Fake announcement' at LRT station

A two-car train at Layar LRT station .
A two-car train at Layar LRT station . PHOTO: ST FILE

For the second time in three months, this announcement was played at the Layar LRT station platform: "The next train approaching platform 2 will terminate at this station. Please do not board."

Yet, when the train arrived, it had passengers on board and everyone on the platform nonchalantly stepped on board.

The train proceeded on its journey normally.

On both occasions, the announcement was repeated, adding to its authenticity.

The reaction of the public to the announcement suggests that perhaps they have been hearing this "fake announcement" too often.

If public announcements at train platforms and on trains are disregarded by the public, I wonder how effectively we can manage situations in real emergencies.

Joseph Wong Yong Lye