Exciting times for Singaporeans in Australia, and vice versa

It is exciting to read about the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Singapore and Australia ("The lion and the kangaroo"; May 23).

I have fond memories of my five and a half years of living and working in Melbourne.

Even back then, in 2005, there was already much cultural exchange and mutual recognition of professional and educational qualifications.

For instance, there were already many Singaporeans studying and working in Australia, and my accountancy degree from Nanyang Technological University was recognised by CPA Australia.

The Singapore Armed Forces has been using Australian military training facilities for years too.

Beyond trade and defence ties, perhaps there could be greater collaboration in areas such as sports - how about a Singapore team playing in the Australian league, or vice versa?

Both sides can also exchange policy notes.

For instance, Australia's Newstart Allowance could be adopted to support single parents in Singapore.

Singapore could study Australia's equity crowdfunding laws and see how they could complement the Monetary Authority of Singapore's framework for equity crowdfunding.

And Singapore's Electronic Road Pricing system could help ease the gridlock in Australian cities such as Melbourne.

Indeed, there is so much that the two countries can learn from each other and achieve together.

These are exciting times indeed to be a Singaporean in Australia, and vice versa.

Woon Wee Min