Exchange rate differential charge of $121 in 2 days

Recently, I booked flights to New Zealand through ebookers, but there was a glitch in the system so I disputed the transaction of about $1,500.

Although the terms and conditions stated that the transaction is non-refundable, ebookers refunded the entire amount to me without penalty, as it was indeed a system problem.

Thankfully, I had screen shots of the difference in amounts charged before and after I confirmed the transaction with my OCBC Bank credit card.

When the bank refunded me, there was a shortfall of $121. I called to inquire and was told this was due to an exchange rate difference. I did not accept that the difference could be so great in a matter of two days, and in any case, should be in my favour if that was so.

I was asked to submit proof of the transactions, which I have done. It has been a month and OCBC has still not given me a satisfactory answer.

This was not the first time I had transactions cancelled and usually, I had been charged a token amount - $121 is excessive and unacceptable.

Chow Lye Hoe (Madam)