Excessive rise in cost of medicine

Both Mr Low Thia Khiang (Aljunied GRC) and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong gave their views in Parliament recently on public healthcare costs (No profit margins on drugs sold in public hospitals: Gan; March 10).

Having heard what was said, I hope someone can help explain my recent experience.

On Oct 7 last year, the National Heart Centre billed me $240.30 for Dutasteride 0.5mg cap (avodart) 90 cap, and $329.40 for Apixaban 2.5mg tab (eliquis) 180 tab.

Last week, on March 7, National University Hospital billed me $324.53 and $439.13 for the same medicines and dosages respectively.

The prices seem to have escalated excessively in just a few months.

It is difficult for a retiree to have pay this kind of increases.

Can the ministry explain the reason behind the different prices?

John Tan Chor-Yong