Euthanasia most compassionate way for some to die with dignity

When I signed my Advance Medical Directive (AMD) a few years ago, I wanted a clause stating that if I am terminally ill, can't take care of myself and am suffering, I want assisted suicide ("Euthanasia, assisted suicide run counter to medical ethics" by Mr Darius Lee; Tuesday).

The most compelling reason for this is that I do not want to further burden my family members and society.

I can't do this in Singapore as it is against the law, but I have thought about getting my family to take me to a country where euthanasia is legal.

But this cannot be done as well, as my family might get into trouble with the law when they return to Singapore.

My definition of life is being able to live productively and enjoy daily activities.

If I am bedridden and need medical intervention to support my life, thus incurring unnecessary suffering to myself and my family, burdening friends and society, that is not life at all.

I am the best person to decide what is the best way to end my life under such a situation.

No government, society, religious codes, medical ethics, or doctors should take away such a right.

If we want to try to build a compassionate and caring society, allowing individuals to choose the best way they want to live and die might be more progressive than preventing it.

Kenny Yap Kim Lee