EU should not be hasty to start separation process

The outcome of the Brexit referendum was a shocking one in many respects.

European Union leaders are now calling for as quick a divorce as possible, with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker warning against foot-dragging ("EU founding states echo calls for quick divorce from Britain"; June 26).

There may be valid reasons for EU leaders to want the separation process sped up.

But, they must display more empathy towards the confusion, disarray and uncertainty the people of the United Kingdom are now facing.

The UK is in a weak, perhaps vulnerable, position economically, socially and politically. Risks of protests and violence cannot be ruled out.

The UK should be given more time to sort out issues arising from the vote.

Too much hastiness or pressure from the EU may escalate the tension within the UK, and perhaps also in the relationship between the UK and EU nations.

The forthcoming negotiation on the separation may not be a pleasant one, but surely, the EU can do more than coerce the UK to separate with it hastily.

Albert Ng Ya Ken