Ensure workers have backup skill sets

It is great news that the Government is devoting resources to help retrenched workers ("More help for jobless citizens to find work" and "PMETs: More help to retrain, take on new jobs"; both published on April 9).

The process should start even before they are retrenched.

Staff should be encouraged and given opportunities to develop a wide range of skills during their employment.

This can be achieved through job rotation in different departments, or even short-term secondment to companies in other industries and public ministries.

With exposure to other industries, staff will gain experience in another field, which may be useful in future job applications.

The Government is also extending a career conversion programme to the pharmaceutical, logistics and retail sectors.

I hope that it does not overlook the electronics sector. According to the Economic Development Board, the industry has a workforce of more than 79,000 and contributed to 28 per cent of Singapore's manufacturing output in 2013.

Care must be taken to ensure that our workers are not overly specialised. It is important that everyone has backup skills and work experience.

These are vital in helping workers recover in the unfortunate event of retrenchment.

Woo Jia Qian (Miss)