Ensure South China Sea is not proxy battleground

I read the proposal on European patrols in the South China Sea with concern ("France calls for European patrols in South China Sea"; June 6).

It is this playground approach which will make Singapore vulnerable, and I urge all parties to learn from history.

I am worried that the South China Sea could be the next Lebanon, Syria or Afghanistan, where the world powers fought proxy battles in someone else's backyard.

We have much to lose if a larger country tramples over our region. We would do well to pre-empt this impending tragedy.

The issue should be resolved at the Asean-China level.

Mr Rodrigo Duterte, President-elect of the Philippines, may hold the key to cool the rising temperatures, if he plays the right card ("Beijing makes 'friendly overture to Duterte' "; June 9).

Hua Tye Swee