Ensure security forces, civilians are prepared for terror attacks

The fatal mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, has once again highlighted the need for countries around the world to step up security measures and to be prepared at all times for potential terrorist attacks ("50 dead in worst mass shooting in US history"; June 13).

This is especially so for Singapore, a country with more than 400,000 people crossing both ways at our land checkpoints in Tuas and Woodlands every day.

We are especially vulnerable to terrorists from any country in the region.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has announced its intention to establish a caliphate in this region, and Singapore lies at the epicentre. It is a matter of time before terrorists set their sights on our little red dot and launch attacks.

It is, therefore, of utmost importance that both security personnel and civilians alike are prepared for terror attacks.

In order to better prepare our people, anti-terror drills could be organised more regularly in public places, especially in shopping malls and MRT stations - places where terrorists would most likely strike first.

Students should also undergo briefings and similar anti-terror drills in their schools, so they know how best to respond in cases of emergency.

It is only by preparing our security forces and Singaporeans can our country be fully prepared against terrorist elements.

Victoria Ng Wen Wei (Ms)