Ensure lift maintenance is properly carried out

Adding more detailed requirements and tightening rules of lift maintenance will not address the other key underlying causes of incidents involving HDB lifts that are managed by town councils ("BCA moves to tighten lift maintenance, boost safety"; June 17).

Additional Building and Construction Authority (BCA) rules are of no use if the town council management does not deploy trained personnel to witness and ensure that lift maintenance is carried out properly; they should not just sign off on service reports without checking that the work has been properly done.

The Ministry of National Development should oversee the investigation of HDB lift mishaps, with the help of the BCA.

Owners and managers of skyscrapers cannot afford to have lifts crowded with passengers dropping sharply from a great height; this can be fatal.

Property and facilities management will have to be staffed with trained lift engineers or professionals to supervise and ensure that maintenance crews repair, maintain and test the lift before signing off on the service report.

Aaron Ang Chin Guan