Ensure laws, infrastructure in place for safety on roads

In less than a week, we have had three oil spills on roads ("Third oil spill on S'pore roads since Friday"; Feb 3).

Two were caused by accidents involving oil tankers and caused havoc.

Roads were shut for up to 12 hours, resulting in massive traffic jams, delays, inconvenience to commuters, loss of man-hours and wasted fuel.

The authorities must look at whether existing laws, enforcement procedures and infrastructure are adequate.

Are tankers complying with industry standards and equipped with safety devices such as high-strength bumpers, safety relief vents, isolation switches and leak-tight manholes?

Are the tankers periodically inspected? Is there a minimum allowable thickness for tankers, a "safe-to-load" checklist and journey management plan?

Are there checks to ensure the rules are being followed and the oil is delivered responsibly and safely?

The Traffic Police have to find out the actual conditions and reasons behind the oil spill incidents.

The Singapore Road Safety Council has a role to play, especially in prescribing a journey management plan.

I appeal to all drivers to regularly undertake systems audits to ensure their vehicles stay in good condition.

All road users must put a premium on road safety, to make our roads safer.

Loong Chik Tong