Ensure grille contractors are reliable

With an increasing number of developments having open-concept balconies and big windows, and not allowing the installation of normal grilles, many home owners are turning to invisible grilles.

When shopping for grilles, I noticed that many contractors came across as mom-and-pop shops.

They produce certificates certifying how safe their products are, but are they reliable?

For example, will they know the amount of strength to use to tighten the grilles, as the tension of the grilles may loosen over time, making them unsafe?

Such grilles are crucial in keeping the home safe, especially when there are young children around.

There is an urgent need to have stricter control and governance over these contractors.

Guidelines and help on the things to take note of when selecting grilles would be useful.

Contractors should also be evaluated, with only reliable contractors certified for the installation of such grilles.

Lim Wan Keng (Ms)