Ensure all bank branches have armed guards

I am sure many concerned members of the public are wondering why the security measures at banks now are so lax that a man can just walk in with a note and walk out with $30,000 in broad daylight at a major bank in a crowded neighbourhood ("MAS urges banks to review security"; July 10, and "Suspect on the run after $30k bank robbery in Holland Village"; July 8).

Why was there no security guard at the bank at the time of the robbery? The bank's explanation that its staff are well trained to handle such situations is surely not justified. What if the robber was armed with a knife, a bomb or a gun?

Having an armed security guard who is specially trained to handle such situations is necessary at every bank.

In addition, all banks must have security guards to observe for suspicious characters, and also to ensure that all customers who enter the banks are not wearing helmets, hats, hoodies, visors or even big sunglasses that would conceal their faces. This is necessary for identification on closed-circuit television should any incident occur.

Apart from posting security guards on-site, I also urge banks to instruct and ensure that the guards remain vigilant and perform their duties seriously. On most of my visits to various banks recently, I saw security guards not focusing on their duties. I even saw a guard busy texting on his mobile phone.

I urge the Monetary Authority of Singapore and all banks to look into improving their security measures seriously. Being complacent is an invitation for more robberies to happen. Customers will not feel safe entering a bank if the risk of a robbery is high.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)