Emergency vehicles: Drivers in second lane also a problem

Most motorists would be aware that they should give way to emergency vehicles behind them when they are driving (Fine motorists who don't give way to emergency vehicles, by Mr Adrian Ho; July 21).

However, from my experience, the attitude of the motorists in the second lane is just as big a problem.

These drivers often seem to think that giving way to emergency vehicles is the concern of vehicles in the first lane.

As much as the motorist would like to move out of the fast lane to make way for the emergency vehicle, he is hampered by the traffic in the lane beside him.

Motorists there seem reluctant slow down and give way, perhaps because of the attitude that it is "your problem".

I have seen graciousness in our neighbouring countries, that are not even First World ones.

Motorists in the lane next to the emergency vehicle quickly curve away so that the other motorists can make way for the emergency vehicle.

The matter goes back to driving lessons. We have to specifically teach drivers that all lanes must show courtesy to other motorists trying to give way to these emergency vehicles, as we have yet to find common courtesy for our fellow motorists.

Tan Chay Kheng (Ms)