Educate estate agents on fogging

Thermal fogging at Blk 56 Sims Drive.
Thermal fogging at Blk 56 Sims Drive. PHOTO: ST FILE

It is not uncommon to see thermal fogging being carried out on a weekly basis in private condominiums, resulting in almost daily fogging within the vicinity (Leave thermal fogging to proper authorities by Dr Ong Siew Chey; March 21).

With condominiums typically built close to each other, what thermal fogging does is drive the mosquitoes from one condominium to another with no sustainable results. All it does is place the health of residents at risk.

The National Environment Agency should strongly advise management councils and managing agents to focus on the prevention and elimination of stagnant water instead.

These two parties are in a position to be held responsible for the general health and safety of residents, and implementing measures to avoid the spread of airborne carcinogens through fogging.

Yeow Chun Fey