Each student has different ability to cope

I agree that poor time management, procrastination or being distracted by friends or games are factors leading to some students being unable to cope with the demands of school (Not school's fault if students can't cope, by Tan Yan; Oct 11).

However, one other factor might have been overlooked. It is the fact that each student is unique and has different abilities and inclinations.

What is a breeze for one student need not necessarily be so for another.

Even with good time management, not every student can cope with co-curricular activities, external commitments and demanding schoolwork.

The home environment also differs. Some students may have to share rooms and study spaces with their siblings. Their neighbours may also be noisy.

This makes it harder for them to stay undistracted. The quiet of the night may be the best time for them to concentrate on schoolwork. So, they stay up late.

I hope that, given all these factors, teachers and students can be more sensitive to the varying and unique needs of students.

Low Siew Hua (Ms)

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