Drawbacks to FAS' under-23 quota

While I welcome the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) focus on youth development, I have to disagree with some of its revamp plans (Youth focus a key goal in S-League revival plan; Dec 13).

It is good to have a quota of under-23 players in each team to ensure that these players will have a chance to play in the league.

However, if a certain number of under-23 players must be fielded, then these players will have less motivation to fight for their place in the team, as they will have at least a 50 per cent chance of playing in the match.

The coach will have limited options for formations that he can play with and, with fewer senior players in the field, these younger players will have limited guidance.

Based on the Young Lions' involvement in the S-League for the past few years, they have not been able to perform. How do we expect the second tier of under-23 players to perform?

I also disagree that there should be a quota on the number of players between 24 years old and 30 years old. This is discriminatory, especially against those above 30.

Most players hit their peak around this age, so why restrict them? These players can provide guidance to the younger players as well.

If the FAS does not reverse its decision, younger players will not find playing football a viable career, and people will stop watching live matches.

Leong Kok Seng

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