Donor breast milk available

Our hearts go out to Mr Lee Teck Wee and his wife who shared their personal journey in the bereavement of their daughter born prematurely (Distraught parents get help to be 'more at peace'; July 29).

Mr Lee had suggested that a ready supply of breast milk be made available to support premature babies.

We agree with Mr Lee on the benefits of a donor milk bank.

In August last year, Temasek Foundation Cares and KK Women's and Children's Hospital started Singapore's first Donor Human Milk Bank to provide a ready supply of safe, pasteurised human breast milk, donated for premature and sick infants whose mothers may not be able to provide adequate breast milk to support their babies.

The donated milk is stored and processed according to international guidelines and protocols, and donors undergo a stringent donor screening process.

We are very grateful to the many generous donors who have stepped forward to contribute their breast milk since the programme started.

With such a Donor Human Milk Bank, we hope that more parents like Mr Lee will receive more help in their difficult journeys.

Woon Saet Nyoon (Ms)

Chief Executive

Temasek Foundation Cares