Do more to keep public toilets clean

Over the years, there have been many campaigns to promote good toilet manners in Singapore.

However, the situation does not seem to have improved as many public toilets, especially in schools, canteens and coffee shops, do not seem to be well maintained and are dirty.

I would like to offer some suggestions that the National Environment Agency, foodcourt operators and users could consider to keep our public toilets clean and usable.

First, the Government could implement a demerit point system for operators, so that they will comply with the required standard.

Errant operators should be barred from operating till they improve.

Government agencies also have to be proactive in checking toilets regularly, rather than being reactive when complaints are made.

Also, a feedback channel should be made available for the public to make reports on dirty or faulty toilets so that the authorities can investigate and take appropriate actions.

Second, the management of foodcourts and eateries must ensure that good-quality toilet facilities are built in these places.

They also need to engage a qualified contractor to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance of toilets take place regularly.

Third, education on the proper use of toilets and how to keep them clean should begin in primary school.

Parents should also teach their children toilet etiquette at home.

Ng Boon Soon