Do more to keep birds away from eateries

File photo showing birds eating leftover food from plates at a food court. PHOTO: ST FILE

I have eaten at several hawker centres and other open-air eateries that are frequented by birds of all kinds.

For instance, just the other day, my colleagues and I were having lunch at an eatery when a pigeon flew into the kitchen. It landed on the cutting board and began pecking at the half-cut cucumbers and other food ingredients.

We tried to inform the establishment, but the culprit flew off before we could get the staff's attention.

Don't get me wrong; I like birds. I have nothing against them. However, I think that they should be kept away from food for the sake of hygiene.

Although bird flu hasn't been in the news for quite a while, it remains a clear and present danger that deserves caution. Furthermore, stray birds may have parasites, and their dirty feet may carry all sorts of disease-causing microbes.

I do not want to hurt the establishment by revealing its name, but more needs to be done to protect our food from such birds.

This is not the first time I've seen birds invading kitchens.

Perhaps the National Environment Agency can work with Jurong Bird Park to deploy more strident anti-bird measures in our kopitiams. Nets and shiny objects come to mind.

Yang Wen Yi (Ms)

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