Do more than say 'thank you' to bus drivers

Much more can be done to show our appreciation and gratitude to workers in the public transport sector (Boarding the bus? Say 'thank you' to the driver; Oct 22).

While it is basic courtesy to give them a smile or greet them, we must also show greater empathy.

Some people are unaware that a bus captain's job entails physical, emotional and mental challenges, especially when driving under unfavourable weather and traffic conditions.

Others do not know that support staff such as cleaners and engineering personnel have contributed towards the cleanliness and good condition of the buses and trains.

With tiny gestures, we can show more consideration for bus drivers. For instance, we could get ready the exact cash payment or fare card before boarding, and move to the rear portion of the bus to make space for others to board.

We should also ring the bell early to signal to the driver about our plan to alight. People flagging a bus could give the driver ample warning too.

Not performing such actions has caused much inconvenience to these transport workers, who are doing a marvellous job in ensuring a safe journey for everyone.

Above all, strong civic-mindedness on the part of commuters will go a long way towards making these service providers feel appreciated and cared for by the general public.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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