Do more for those who live on the streets

Some "homeless" people live in void decks and on the streets. There are groups who regularly seek these people out to talk to them, give them food and water, and befriend them.

Other organisations provide shelters for some of these homeless people.

However, more can be done to really help them.

For those who do not have a home, perhaps more government support could be given to provide housing for them, as well as training to help them find jobs.

Others may have a home of their own, but for various reasons, choose to live on the streets.

Counselling would play a good part in resolving the root issues, be it fear of going back into society or broken relationships with their families.

I propose that we form a dedicated group of counsellors to help those who are estranged from their families to find reconciliation with them.

Let us not forget these people in this situation, and seek the best for them.

Ming Xi (Ms)