Differentiating school fees the right move

Higher school fees for non-citizens is a move in the right direction ("Reasons to reconsider fee hike" by Ms Wong Ting Yean; Oct 15).

All countries have limited resources and the first priority for any government is to look after its own citizens.

Singapore's mainstream schools provide very high-quality education. The revised higher fees are still cheaper than most international schools in Singapore.

There is no shortage of student diversity among the student population in Singapore schools.

There is also no shortage of non-citizens wanting to enrol in local schools.

We respect the choice made by Ms Wong and her husband for their sons to be American citizens, and we welcome the family to live and work in Singapore.

As proud Americans, Ms Wong's children will receive all the benefits of being US citizens.

Singapore, too, gives out numerous scholarships each year.

Ms Wong's sons could apply for these scholarships, just as she applied for her University of Georgia scholarship when she was studying in the US.

Christopher Leong Chi How