Dhaka attack a reminder to stay vigilant

News of the recent terrorist attack in Dhaka ("Dhaka vows to get tough after deadly cafe attack"; July 3) brings to mind the work done by Singapore's Internal Security Department (ISD) in detaining and deporting some radicalised Bangladeshi workers here for planning to stage terror attacks back home ("Bangladeshis plotting terror attacks held under ISA", May 4; and "27 radicalised Bangladeshis held under ISA", Jan 21).

Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam hit the nail on the head when he said that the target for attack could easily have been here.

The move by the ISD has shown that these radicalised men should not be taken lightly, and the Dhaka incident has shown that we have done the right thing.

The peace and security we have achieved do not come easily. In this increasingly tumultuous world, we need to guard these jealously at all costs.

Seah Yam Meng