Detailed analysis of lift safety needed

The recent spate of reported lift incidents in Housing Board blocks, which resulted in one fatality and some serious injuries, is worrying ("Lift in Sengkang stops, then drops sharply"; June 11).

It may be time to study these incidents in detail, and to perform a cause and effect analysis to arrest the problem, if these have not been carried out already.

The age of the faulty lifts, their manufacturers, the maintenance contractors concerned, and the history of any breakdowns and repairs done should be noted.

Any tell-tale symptoms prior to an incident, the nature of the incident itself and its probable causes determined after an investigation should be thoroughly examined.

The objective is to identify any possible common thread to these incidents so that pre-emptive actions can be taken to minimise such occurrences.

More importantly, it is essential to review the useful lifespan of lifts, as some lift manufacturers may have steadily shortened their "planned obsolescence" cycle over the years.

Ng Chee Kheon