Demarcate footpaths and cycling tracks clearly

Over the past months, I have come across many instances where cyclists would either deliberately or inadvertently cycle on cement footpaths reserved for pedestrians.

Similarly, pedestrians also encroach upon the cycling tracks.

Such occurrences occur on a daily basis despite embossed footprint markings, speed regulating strips and bicycle logos and "Slow" markings on both the pedestrian footpaths and cycling tracks.

I understand that the above signals are some distance apart. Hence, users may not have noticed the features when they are in a hurry.

Sembawang Drive, which stretches from Canberra Community Centre to the Northlink Industrial Building and heavy vehicles' carpark at the other end, is one of the affected places.

To avoid confusion, one possible solution would be to pave all cycling tracks islandwide with asphalt or tarmac. Pedestrian footpaths would, however, continue having cement finishes.

It would then be much easier to distinguish at one glance between pedestrian footpaths and cycling tracks.

I hope this practical suggestion is something the Land Transport Authority can consider implementing.

Joe Teo Kok Seah