Cyclists must bear responsibility in accidents with pedestrians

May I suggest a simple solution to the subject of bicycles versus pedestrians that is currently the buzz and appears to be far from being resolved.

As the practice has been, the one who drives a larger vehicle is always at fault.

So, a lorry driver will be liable for any accident caused involving a smaller vehicle, like a car or a motorcycle.

The driver of a car will naturally, then, be conscious of not hitting a cyclist or a pedestrian, as he will be the first person to be blamed.

Singapore should apply this principle to the interaction between cyclists and pedestrians.

It may take legislation or a campaign to bring this to reality, but it is worth the effort - cyclists will then be more mindful of pedestrians if they know they will be the first to be blamed, until proven otherwise.

This will prompt any reckless cyclist to think before he risks making a dangerous move.

Singaporeans are generally courteous and do not like to be involved in accidents, as far as possible. But the callous cyclist does not realise the danger he poses to pedestrians.

My husband was hit by a cyclist while crossing a traffic junction when the green man was in his favour.

The cyclist was adamant that it was not his fault, but a driver of a car who had stopped in front of them told him that he was the one at fault for not stopping when an older person was walking in front of him.

The encroachment of more cyclists into what was once the preserve of pedestrians has got many people riled up.

But we must find a way for cyclists and pedestrians to share the space, such that both healthy activities - walking and cycling - can be promoted.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)