Curbing toilet use not best solution

I can understand why Jurong Point shopping centre is moving to restrict the use of the toilets for the disabled as the Handicaps Welfare Association operates a rehabilitation centre at the mall ("Tap-in to use toilet for the disabled/Malls 'will study card access system'"; Aug 28 and "Get public on board to refrain from using toilets for the disabled" by the Handicaps Welfare Association; Aug 31).

However, it does not make sense to call on other malls to follow suit ("Ensure the disabled have unfettered access to toilets" by Mr Chew Chee Weng; Aug 31).

Restricting the use of such toilet facilities is a waste of resources.

Already, in places such as stadiums, auditoriums, theatres and cinemas, there is always a long queue outside the ladies' toilet during intermissions.

At such venues, toilets for the disabled should be allowed to be used by people with disabilities, as well as women, with the provision that the disabled will have priority in the queue.

Chua Cheok Kwang