Conduct noise level test on motorbikes from across Causeway

I agree fully with Mr Ramamurthy Mahesh Kumar (Get tough on riders of noisy motorbikes; Jan 3) that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should intervene and act on noisy motorcycles.

My home is at the junction of West Coast and Clementi roads and my neighbours and I have been putting up with the noise for years.

I can only guess that these noisy motorcycles must be illegally modified or that their exhaust systems are faulty.

One look at the number plates will tell you that most of these motorcycles are from Malaysia. I am quite sure they would not meet the noise emission standards of Singapore.

I certainly welcome visitors from other countries to our roads. However, they must abide by the noise emission and road safety standards expected of all vehicles on Singapore roads.

I hope LTA will do its best to tackle the problem.

One solution is to make it mandatory for all Malaysian motorcyclists to put their machines through a sound emission station at the Causeway checkpoint.

With modern technology, it is convenient, fast and inexpensive to do such screening.

Yun Kok Onn