Consumers choose convenience over privacy

Data breaches will become more and more common as we, as a community, develop and use more technology ("Indiscriminate collection of personal data a security risk" by Mr Chan Kwang Ping; June 11).

People are always the weak link in the security chain.

Consumers give out their personal information to companies every day, whether it is to a bank, credit card company or any other business.

They are more interested in convenience than privacy, so they liberally offer their personal information when asked for it.

It has become a fact of life, which results in them losing all appreciation for privacy.

They do not realise that many companies do not practise measures to keep the information safe.

Data breaches have a lot of bad effects and could be risky for us. Imagine what would happen if hackers knew our bank account numbers or our jobs.

Companies definitely need to be more rigorous in keeping our information safe. There needs to be more controls in place on who can access client data, as well as necessary protection.

One way is to simply collect less of such data in the first place.

Francis Cheng