Conduct security searches more discreetly

More armed officers are patrolling crowded places such as shopping malls and MRT stations here, in the wake of the terror attack in Jakarta.

Security checks should be conducted more strategically for the prevention of crime; random checks are not so effective.

The execution of checks is critical. The authorities should set up proper facilities, such as enclosed rooms, to conduct searches in private.

Interrogating a suspect or searching a suspect's belongings publicly can create awkwardness, disgruntlement and embarrassment. Innocent people's belongings may contain very private and personal items, as well as confidential business material.

As long as security officers act in good faith and have reasonable suspicion that a suspect might be concealing a weapon, they have every right to conduct the search, but it has to be done in a professional, respectful and dignified manner.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong