Check if all have belted up before driving off

I am heartened to read that a street poll by The Straits Times of 50 parents has found that nearly 75 per cent of them ensure that their children are secured in car seats, as required by law ("'One in 4 parents flouts seat belt rules'"; June 18).

I wish more people would install an appropriate child restraint or use a booster seat or adjustable seat belt.

I praise the Traffic Police for ensuring that drivers wear seat belts, which has resulted in a drop in violations of the rules.

While I was driving along Balestier Road recently, a red taxi suddenly swerved into my lane to pick up some passengers. Thankfully, I was about 1.5 car lengths from it and able to stop in time. I sounded the horn for about five seconds and stopped just behind the taxi.

If there had been young children in my car who were not properly restrained, they would have been injured.

I advise all parents and drivers who transport young children to have a sticker or note on the dashboard or the steering wheel to remind themselves to check if the little ones have been safely belted up before driving off, so that all can have a safe and pleasant journey.

Soh Swee Kiat