Car servicing package buyers need protection too

Besides gym packages ("California Fitness gym closures: Get firms to insure packages over $500" by Mr Christopher Low Kin Siong, and "Tighten rules against firms collecting advance payments" by Mr Chua Boon Hou; both published on July 21), consumers must also watch out for car dealers.

The current active car market has brought about a large number of dealers for parallel-import cars. To be in business, one needs only a table and to register oneself as a car dealer.

Dealers dangle carrots like a seven-year warranty, five years' free servicing, 10-year warranty for batteries, and even low or zero down payment.

When times are good, everything is fine.

But the buoyant car market won't last forever. Once it is over, some of these dealers will disappear, and so will the warranties and servicing deals.

I appeal to the Government to do more to protect unsuspecting customers, such as jailing owners of such firms if they are found to be at fault.

Ronnie Lim Ah Bee