Capable leaders needed to grow 'MNC Singapore'

It is no mean feat for Singapore to have progressed over the last 50 years to what we are today.

We owe our success to all Singaporeans, especially our capable leaders who governed and steered the country in the right direction.

With an imminent election, it is time for Singaporeans to think hard before casting their vote.

Singapore and its standing in the world can be compared to a multinational corporation.

As with all successful MNCs, a team of capable leaders is needed to grow the company and steer it to continued success.

So, too, do we need a capable government with a track record to manage Singapore and ensure we continue to progress and prosper.

Let us, as members of "MNC Singapore", select our leaders carefully in the coming election, so we can celebrate SG75 in style.

Clara Chua Sieo Peng (Ms)