Call-centre service: SingPost replies

We thank Ms Wendy Toh Hwee Bin for her feedback ("Poor service from SingPost's call centre"; Forum Online, Nov 9).

We appreciate Ms Toh's willingness to speak with our call-centre director, and we have apologised for her experience with our call centre in October last year.

Our call centre has to escalate more complex queries to the Singapore customer care team.

In Ms Toh's case, her matter was not escalated, and we have reminded our call-centre staff to comply with the escalation procedure.

While we try to reduce background noise during a customer call, it is inevitable that at call centres, multiple conversations take place simultaneously, and we thank Ms Toh for her understanding in this regard.

We are working to strengthen procedures at our call centre so that we can be more responsive and effective when customers come to us for help.

Lily Loo (Ms)


Group Customer Service

Singapore Post